Agility A2 Test in Gießen

After we have just passed the two A1 tests in agility, we dared trying the A2 test. This time the test was on our current dog`s training area. We had a work deployment and after that the test shall take place. So that meant for Ty waiting and waiting and waiting. After 3 hours lying on the ground it was our part to start. Of course, I’ve warmed him up a little, but I have already noticed that he was a bit impatient because of waiting for so long. Accordingly lively he was on the course. In the course inspection I haven`t detected one incitement for him, so that he would have run nearly into the tunnel instead of jumping over the hurdle. And the slalom, he unfortunately has left one bar too early … So we started the slalom from the beginning once more and everything went right. Because of the correction we lost some time and were then about 1 second over standard time. Overall, we passed the test with “very good” and we are now allowed to start on the German championship, if we qualify 😉 I am very excited about the future.