Halloween Club Tournament

This year our club (IRJGV) organised an Agility Halloween club tournament for the first timeSo we had to participate so that we can see on which level of training we are right now. Actually I train with the bitch of my sister, but with Ty started last year to train a bit.Since we are not on tournament Level we started in class A1. Ty ran really great, even though I sometimes have to get used to the other leading style with him (the bitch of my sister is much slower and we are already an experienced Team). Everything worked great and Ty only needed half of the normal time for both runs. He really had a breackneck Speed… But I only know him like that 😀 And then 0 errors and only 1 refusal (which was my fault – as usual). So we got the first place 🙂 I am really proud of him.

Stefan has made a couple of nice Pictures which I don’ want to hide.